Neighbourhood Watch; helping to reduce crime in St Albans

Mark my words,  if we do not reach out to our neighbours and watch out for the vulnerable, we are all going to live with a fear of crime. I urge everybody to join their local Neighbourhood Watch and experience what it is like to be part of a massive community, such as ours.” This statement was made by Reg Law, a local St Albans resident.
Reg  was presented with an ‘outstanding achievement’ award for his services to Neighbourhood Watch in 2009.  He adds; “St Albans has a very good Neighbour Watch, working in partnership with St Albans Police.”
At this current time, when Police numbers are falling in the UK, we are advised to watch out for each other, not only to reduce crime, but to reduce the fear of crime. St Albans is divided into twenty wards each of which has a central coordinator, who liaises with  residents and police. Neighbourhood Watch also partners with Herts Watch and St Albans City and District Council. So far, this community has a relatively low crime rate but over the New Year period, friends in our area have been burgled, hence this post!
To get involved, visit , Herts Watch and St Albans City Council .



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Maria Larmer lives in St Albans and is married with four children. She works as a Freelance Writer, English Language Teacher and Teaching Assistant. She has lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 9 years and prior to that in France, Germany, Austria, Edinburgh, London and Ireland. Her diary-writing has featured on 'The Wild Geese' Channel 4 and Radio Verulam. She has written for Hertfordshire Life magazine, Go Camping magazine, Camping magazine, The Catholic Times, St Albans & Harpenden Review, New Zealand Times, The New Beacon, My Weekly and various websites. She can be contacted on