A Pound a Bowl – St Albans


When one door closes, another one opens; but not in the St Albans! In recent times, St Peters Street has witnessed so many closures and few openings.

However,  Tescos has moved into the old Woolworth premises and Poundworld has opened up where Tescos used to be.
Despite my past attitudes to the quality of Pound stores, I must admit that this new one is fab!
The shelves are adorned by all sorts from sweets, party gear, DIY bits and halloween decorations to walking sticks and stationary. And all just for £1. Great for filling the kids’ party bags and letting kids go wild on their pocket money! The garden gnomes have got to be the best buy!
For information on their offers and outlets, click on www.poundworld.net
Lots more information on St Albans shops available on www.shopstalbans.co.uk
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Maria Larmer lives in St Albans and is married with four children. She works as a Freelance Writer, English Language Teacher and Teaching Assistant. She has lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 9 years and prior to that in France, Germany, Austria, Edinburgh, London and Ireland. Her diary-writing has featured on ‘The Wild Geese’ Channel 4 and Radio Verulam. She has written for Hertfordshire Life magazine, Go Camping magazine, Camping magazine, The Catholic Times, St Albans & Harpenden Review, New Zealand Times, The New Beacon, My Weekly and various websites. She can be contacted on maria.larmer@ntlworld.com

  • Nice piece, but do you know why PoundWorld don’t let children (u16s) in the store unless they’re with adults?

  • Maria

    Thanks for your input. I am waiting for an answer from Poundworld about this rule. Watch this space!

  • Erika

    I can’t believe that a Poundworld has been allowed to open in St Albans City centre! St Albans is supposed to be an affluent town, this new store does not reflect this, St Albans should have more upmarket shops and leave the pound shops for towns like Hatfield and Luton.

  • Maria

    It might be sign of the times, even for St Albans residents. Regarding the ‘No U16 unless accompanied’ rule, the store manager says that it is company policy (though the main office didn’t know about that!)because they have had a share of issues with large groups of youths.