Think Floyd live at The Radlett Centre

Think Floyd Live

I have been a fan of Pink Floyd since 1979, when I lost a £1 bet about whether Another Brick in the Wall would reach number one in the singles charts. A friend, who had heard the song and loved it, offered me this bet. I hadn’t heard the song, but knew Pink Floyd was not a band that put out singles at all, let alone ones that would top the charts. Well the rest is history. One of the few bets I’m glad to have lost. Anyway, since that time I have seen Roger waters and several Pink Floyd tribute acts.

Think Floyd did not disappoint. Especially Comfortably Numb, the encore. Top guitarist, better than the session guitarist Roger Waters employed for his stadium tour. The sound was pretty good, although the vocals were a bit ‘toppy’ for my old ears. Light show was extremely good, including lasers. Got to love lasers with your classic rock. The quality of the musicianship was fabulous. Especially the drummer, who has to be in the running for ‘best drummer that can also sing’ award. Phil Collins is disqualified because, although he is undoubtedly one of the finest drummers ever, he is a bland, lifeless and ultimately unnacceptable singer, by any standards. Why didn’t he stay behind the kit. Ralph Molina of Crazy Horse still gets my vote, but each to their own. Anyway, the sound and perfromances were top drawer.

Pink Floyd have released a large body of work, so it would be impossible to please everyone with the song selection. Personally I don’t count the (dreadful) albums since Roger waters left and could have done without the songs from that era. Special mention for ‘Dogs’ from Animals. Hadn’t heard that in years. Interesting to say the least. I would have liked to hear more from Wish You Were Here, but again you can’t please everyone. So quite simply a very proficient and talented tribute act, that I will be seeing again next time they come to this part of the country. Here is a video I recorded of them perfroming Comfortably Numb…