Holly Road Productions are presenting 6 new short plays


Holly Road Productions (Ben Hill and St Albans local Alex Bell) are presenting 6 new short plays written in response to theme of “White Lies” which will premiere over two weekends in August. The plays will be directed by Stanley Walton (another St Albans local) and star just 4 actors. The actors Tom Crowhurst, Liam Hynes, Daisy May Parsons and Sarah Cullum will have one day to rehearse each play and will be playing all characters. The entire production will be designed by Wimbledon College of Arts graduate Lauren Woodward and will feature original music composed by Henry Mitton.

The plays are as follows:

1. No Proof, No Pudding – Joe Chadwick:
A play about a restaurant on the brink of being closed, with tensions at an all-time high, the arrival of a food critic pushes everyone to the edge.

2. The Seventh and The Twelfth – Jack Stanley:
Set in a dystopian future where the world has become fixated on germs and cleanliness, a couple invite their niece round who reveals a revelation about the outside world.

3. The Long and The Short of It – Peter Hale:
Two married couples are in competition and trying to discreetly find out the oppositions tactics.

4. Contracts – Alex Smith:
The business deal of the century for a company is about to be finalised. However there is one slight snag as Harold has left a few minor details unsolved…

5. Toolbox – Brigette Wellbelove:
After a misunderstanding with her plumber, Emma is in hot water. It is up to her and her roommates to decide how to deal with it.

6. The Candidate – Robert Pegg:
After a party win, an MP and her fellow party members are celebrating when a mysterious stranger appears to whip them into shape.


– Plays 1 – 3 = 4th, 5th & 6th August – 20.00

– Plays 3 – 6 = 25th, 26th & 27th August – 20.00

– ALL PLAYS 28th August 14.00 and 20.00


-Full – £10, Concession – £7.50


Phone – 0333 666 3366