St Albans Schools reopen!


maria-feb-09-photos-125After two days of being closed, St Albans schools have reopened today.

This morning children were greeted by icy footpaths and no less snow than yesterday! Many walked (and some sledged) to school while others were taken by car.

Either method was risky however due to ice. Many footpaths had little or no grit on them, yet many roads had dangerous patches of black ice.

Despite all this, spirits were generally high and St Albans is back to normal for one day. One glorious sunny day it is too!

More snowfall is expected in the coming days so watch out for more cancellations.

In the case of school closure, communication between schools and parents is much improved. Parents are alerted by cascade or similar systems and information is posted on the schools’ websites.

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Maria Larmer lives in St Albans and is married with four children. She works as a Freelance Writer, English Language Teacher and Teaching Assistant. She has lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 9 years and prior to that in France, Germany, Austria, Edinburgh, London and Ireland. Her diary-writing has featured on 'The Wild Geese' Channel 4 and Radio Verulam. She has written for Hertfordshire Life magazine, Go Camping magazine, Camping magazine, The Catholic Times, St Albans & Harpenden Review, New Zealand Times, The New Beacon, My Weekly and various websites. She can be contacted on