In a world full of plastic toys, it’s nice to feel the quality of wood


little-wonders-signThis is the slogan of Little Wonders, the toy store that has deservedly won the 2009 Retailer of the Year award. It is one of the few specialist shops around that has a vast stock of original, ethical and high-quality toys.

This little gem is located in the Maltings precinct. Their wooden toys, tables, chairs, games etc are bright, solid and have that nostalgic ‘forever yours’ feel about them.

Like all our local small businesses, it depends on customers. The enticing window display is worth seeing and it’s like a treasure chest inside. The staff are genuinely helpful and when I asked the owner, Andy, if he would like to give a public message, this was his reply;

‘Please come to our store. It’s about the experience of traditional, honest, long-lasting toys. You are paying for the play value, rather than the modern TV licence disposable.’

Proudly stating that these toys are rather unique and hard to find elsewhere, Andy went on the say ‘We try and source as much as we can from Europe and the UK because it gets higher manufacturing standards and ethical production.’

So, next time you are on your way to Costa Café, let your child drag you through the door of this magical store and treat them to a bit of long lasting joy!

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