Totally Tina at The Radlett Centre 26th Feb 2022 – REVIEW


I have seen many tribute acts over the last several years, in various venues. Generally they try to look and sound like the original artist and give the audience the greatest hits. Totally Tina certainly did this, with clips of Tina herself at times, as well as stories of Tina during her career and the artists she sang duets with and the songs she chose to cover. Justine Riddoch certainly has a great voice and was able to do justice to the legendary vocal prowess of Tina Turner herself.

Where this tribute sets itself apart from any others I have seen is the backing dancers and the choreography used in the show. Not to mention the costumes. It is no surprise they have won awards for various aspects of the show, including choreography. It was certainly the most complete ‘show’ I have seen by a tribute act. Whilst I like some of the songs Tina Turner has performed over the years, I would not class myself as a fan and had never seen her live during her career. So I did not have high expectations for this performance. They were exceeded by some way. Highly recommended.