Interview with Hugh Cornwell ex-The Stranglers

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Hugh Cornwell is touring the UK in November 2019 to promote his new album ‘Monster’. I was lucky enough to be able to speak with him for 20 or so minutes to ask a variety of questions about his musical influences, his career as part of The Stranglers, his solo career post-The Stranglers, the state of music and plans for the future. Also whether a reunion of The Stranglers original lineup could ever happen.


Hugh Cornwell will be performing at Harpenden Public Halls on November 21st 2019 he will be joined by a full band and perform two sets. The first set will feature a selection of his solo songs, including prime cuts from ‘Monster’. The second set will be a selection of Stranglers songs. Hugh and the band will decide as they go along as to which songs to play, so no two sets will be the same.

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