A night at the circus

netherlands circus st albans

Yes the circus is in town! My kids may be teenagers, but I knew they would still enjoy a trip away from their PlayStations and laptops – and so it proved! We went on the first night and although the crowd was a little sparse, the performers did not let it affect their enthusiasm and energy. The days of animals at circuses are long gone, so the show had to rely on human performance, in particular clowns, acrobats and trapeze artists, and they did not disappoint.

The level of professionalism and athleticism was exceptional. The trapeze artists used every inch of the big top in their routine and the acrobats were slick and faultless. But best of all was the clown. He had a real gift of engaging with the audience and keeping the show moving during set and prop changes. If we are to keep live shows coming to St. Albans it is important to give those that do our support. Definitely better than watching the X-Factor!