Taking the pizza?


pizzaI’ve been to Pizza Express on Verulam Road many times in the last few years. It seemed the right thing to do. I put up with that nagging feeling that the pizzas get smaller and the prices just get bigger. They do, or did, a really good pizza, in a reasonable atmosphere.
But they’ve really gone down hill. The most notable thing, as anyone who goes there will tell you, is the deterioration in the service. Often grumpy, and always very slow.
Tonight was the last straw. It took an hour from our arrival (we had booked) to getting our pizzas. A whole hour. We were informed that they were so busy that “my manager is the chef tonight”. What does THAT mean? The chef was organising the tables? The manager was having a go at cooking?
Judging from my soggy, ill-formed meal, I would guess the latter. I don’t usually have any trouble polishing off a pizza. But this one defeated me after just a couple of mouthfuls. It just had nothing going for it. I continued to about a third of the way through, just for show, then gave up.
Time’s up, PE. You’ve lost my business I’m afraid.

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