The Flat Whites have arrived in St Albans


flatwhite2It is with great joy that I can announce that Flat White coffees can now to be enjoyed in at least three (maybe more?) local cafes!

Initially, they were only to be found at the Merchant Tea and Coffee Co but recently they have appeared on the menus of Costa and Starbucks! Costa’s (skinny) Flat White was absolutely perfect. Starbuck’s Flat White also looked and tasted great but was only available in full-fat milk. The staff there explained that Flat Whites should only be served using full-fat milk.

And what IS a Flat White you might ask? It’s an antipodean-style coffee (pronounced flet whyte by New Zealanders), which is served as a strong shot of espresso mixed carefully with textured milk. It is finished off by a beautifully formed ‘Rosetta’ on top! The photo shows my Rosetta ruined by my addition of cinnamon!

It’s called ‘flat’ because the cappuccino part of the froth is held back. Basically, it is a delicious drink that is somewhere between a cappuccino and a latte but tastes velvety and strong.

My question is; does anyone know exactly where is originated?

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Maria Larmer lives in St Albans and is married with four children. She works as a Freelance Writer, English Language Teacher and Teaching Assistant. She has lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 9 years and prior to that in France, Germany, Austria, Edinburgh, London and Ireland. Her diary-writing has featured on ‘The Wild Geese’ Channel 4 and Radio Verulam. She has written for Hertfordshire Life magazine, Go Camping magazine, Camping magazine, The Catholic Times, St Albans & Harpenden Review, New Zealand Times, The New Beacon, My Weekly and various websites. She can be contacted on

  • Dave Price

    hahaha this post is hilarious. Not only do you know nothing about coffee, you are saying that starbucks coffee is absolutely perfect. Wow, what a misguided statement! The fact that they think that flat whites cant be made with skinny milk is utterly ridiculous!

    St Albans has only one decent place to get good coffee…. and you haven’t even mentioned it here!

    Oh dear!

  • Maria

    Dave, I had said that Costa’s FW was perfect, Starbucks wasn’t. But thank you for your feedback. WOuld you like to let us know the best cafe for Flat Whites in St Albans? I would definately try it out. (PS: I only drank FWs while living in the antipodies so I do like to compare them!)

  • Dave

    the best place for flat whites in St Albans in my book is Soko Coffee at the station.
    Costa and Starbucks are just run of the mill big brands – with no inspiration / passion or knowledge for what they do. They swamp the high street and make it hard for the indepndent companies which make towns different. Soon all our high streets will look the same – unless we stop buying from them. If starbucks and costa ruled the high street then all you’d be able to drink is grande longe caramel macchiato with cream and a cherry. now thats no coffee!