Local elections could throw up surprises


The local elections are set for 6h May 2010, and the general election seems almost certain to be the same day.

With the much higher turnout for the latter, the result of the former could be surprising. There’ll be a whole load of people who don’t usually bother voting in local elections, who are handed a voting slip to do just that, because they’ve turned up to vote in the general election. Who knows whether these unexpected local election voters will simply mark the same box on both papers, or vote differently on each.

On top of that, around 5000 residents of St Albans district are not UK citizens, so they can’t vote in the general election. But they CAN vote in the local election. They could add to the possible result that the local election poll looks very different from the national one.

Hoping to persuade voters to give them at least one of their crosses on the big day, the Greens have launched a campaign video, fronted by St Peters ward candidate Simon Grover. You can see it on the link below.

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